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One attribute of the HeuroLabs Platform is that we try to minimize the burden on our users as much as possible, as long as it makes sense. For example we will not force our users to deal with streamed results till we have clarified the requirements with them. However when dealing with content, Users of the HeuroLabs platform don't need to specify the content or what modules to apply to their pipelines, let alone building models or uploading training data. The HeuroLabs Platform is built to understand the content, has a great and growing set of models and is continuously learning and improving. The platform is also offered as a service in the cloud or on private premises where a public cloud solution is inappropriate. 

For the specification of the API please look at our Swagger powered Documentation.


 Customers can sign up for the API by providing their email address and setting a password.They can use these credentials to create a token , programmatically through the API or using the HeuroLabs Management Console. Tokens can be deleted or created as needed by the customers. We plan to offer more granular access control in the future for the customers who need it. Signup operation is supported both through the API and the Management Console